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Chemical Glow Sticks VS LED Glow Sticks: How to Choose for Events & Parties

durch seerootoys 15 Sep 2023

Choosing a light stick for your party is a fantastic way to add more sparkle and liveliness to the atmosphere, ensuring everyone has a great time. There are various types of glow sticks available, with the most common options being chemical and LED sticks. But which one is better? Although they serve similar purposes, there are important factors to consider, such as health, environmental protection, especially when kids are involved.

When choosing a glow stick, it's crucial to consider the users and pay attention to factors like material, safety, brightness, durability and price.

Diffrence between chemical and led glow sticks

Chemical Glow Sticks:

  • Material: Contains chemoluminescent substance fluid
  • Color: Multi color, each stick emits a single color
  • Durability: Generally lasts 12 hours or less, cannot be turned off
  • Brightness: Bright, without flashing
  • Price: Under $0.5/pc

LED Glow Sticks / Foam Glow Baton:

  • Material: Soft foam or high-quality plastic
  • Color: Each stick emits multiple colors
  • Durability: Generally lasts 8 hours, can be turned off to extend battery life.
  • Brightness: Super bright with multi lighting modes or flashing patterns
  • Price: Under $1 or less when purchased in bulk

Choose a glow stick that meets your specific needs, and ensure it is safe for your party is important. A perfect glow stick for parties should bring joy without causing excessive worry, be easy to clean up, and environmentally friendly.

Will glow stick hurt my family?

Always supervise children when using glow sticks, especially young children who may be more likely to put them in their mouths. For chemical glow sticks, even if the product info claim to be non-toxic or CPSIA compliant. They can still cause irritation or adverse effects if ingested or come into contact with the eyes, mouth, or skin. Additionally, attention should be paid to pets as well, although cats and dogs are usually not interested in them.

Another reason for why choose led glow sticks for family parties?

Furthermore, foam glow bartons have the advantage of being wrapped in soft foam, making them lightweight and of the perfect size. Children often love playing with them, pretending they are swords or "lightsabers". Parents also feel better knowing that a child having this light with them might keep them safer and easy to notice. The glow and flashes are produced by a battery powered light string, so there is no glass or harmful chemicals like chemical glow sticks. They are excellent for parties and events such as July 4th and Halloween.

Knowing how to choose the right glow stick will not only protect your family and pets but also save you from the hassle of cleaning up. Otherwise, you may end up wasting time on cleaning or even needing medical assistance. Every year, Children's Hospitals in the US receive numerous calls from worried parents due to incidents involving chemical glow sticks.

If you are someone who plans ahead or values thriftiness, you may appreciate that LED foam glow sticks have switches. These switches allow you to control different flashing frequencies and turn off the lights to conserve battery power. They can often be used for more than 48 hours, and the batteries are replaceable by simply unscrewing a small screw.


There's no best glow stick for everything and everybody, it depends on your specific needs, priorities, and the nature of the event. But led light up glow sticks are generally a better choice for weddings, birthdays, or family parties for their brightness, reusability, safety, and environmental benefits.

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