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Dodgeball Glow Time

We utilized this tape for a glow-in-the-dark dodgeball competition, applying it to shirts, skin, and the dodgeballs themselves. It performed well for everything except on the skin. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a delightful and enjoyable night! The tape added an extra level of excitement to our dodgeball game, creating a vibrant and visually appealing atmosphere. While it didn't adhere perfectly to the skin, the overall experience was a success, making it a memorable and fun-filled event for everyone involved.

Cheap and fun!

Purchased these for a house party with karaoke we were hosting. Figured, at $27, they would be a cool addition to the festivities. Installed two on the ceiling of our garage and utilized our garage opener power outlets to supply power. They perform exceptionally well! The music settings are fantastic, and they synchronize with the music. I do wish there were more options for light colors.

A hit for our wedding send off!

These provided an excellent alternative to the traditional sparklers often used for wedding send-offs. The color-changing feature with multiple modes was a big hit among all the guests. The wands come with pre-installed batteries and are incredibly easy to use, operating with just a single button. While I can't speak for their durability, they certainly added a fun touch to the conclusion of our wedding night! I would gladly purchase them again.

These last forever!

These small lights are fantastic! Despite the product description stating they last about two and a half days, they were still flashing away a week later. I placed them inside "ghost" balloons and filled our trampoline with them for a spooky and entertaining activity on Halloween, and it was a tremendous success!

Overall good for the price you pay.

There are 20 pieces of each color, and there are 5 colors: orange, yellow, green, blue, and pink. Additionally, they come with 100 connectors to easily turn them into bracelets! Considering the price, they're pretty good and function as expected. Once cracked, they glow for approximately 10.5 hours. I purchased these for my Halloween costume, where my friends and I dressed up as neon crossing guards. Overall, it's a solid buy for a Halloween party, trick-or-treating, or as a party favor.

Perfect glow sticks, great value for the price

Our church distributed these at our booth during our town's 4th of July event, and they were a massive success! The affordability played a crucial role, allowing us to get more for our trunk-or-treat event, where all the kids absolutely adored them. They proved to be sturdy, and remarkably, we didn't accidentally crack a single one. Once cracked, they glow beautifully, and the package included enough fasteners for everyone to create a bracelet if they desired.


These tiny lights are absolutely adorable!! I utilized them to decorate for a party and to add some illumination to drinks. Even after two days, they're still shining brightly. If you're looking to bring some excitement to your gatherings, definitely get these!

Cool little lights! Can be used for more than just balloons!

These are cool little lights that come shielded with a small slip of paper. Activating all 100 of them requires a bit of effort, but that's understandable—you're turning on 100 lights! I haven't tested their longevity extensively, as I've only conducted a small amount of durability testing. However, for my needs as a photographer, they fit the bill perfectly!

Fun Toy

I gifted these for a friend's child's birthday and decided to grab a pack for my nearly 2-year-old son too. They've been a hit! He absolutely loves playing with them, creating popping sounds, and twisting them in various ways. These tubes have become one of his favorite toys, providing endless entertainment. The tactile and auditory stimulation they offer seem to captivate his curiosity, making them a fantastic addition to his playtime. It's delightful to see how much joy and amusement these simple yet engaging toys bring to both children.

Cheap Entertainment!!

My son had a regular pop tube that he adored, but it became quite worn out. I bought these replacements, and he absolutely adores them! He's 3 years old, and my 9-month-old daughter is fascinated by the lights. It's a fantastic, inexpensive, and durable toy! I highly recommend it.

Just gimme di lights

This product is fantastic – you can tweak the lights' tempo, which adds a whole new level of fun. I took these on a boat ride, and let me tell you, they were a smash hit! The only hiccup was I didn't snag enough of them. Next time, I'll definitely stock up to keep the party going strong.

Pleasantly surprised, great purchase

I got these for my grandson's black-light birthday bash, and I was pretty stoked when I opened them up. The zippered packaging was a handy touch. The foam sticks did the job, too. In the days leading up to the party, I tested the lights by turning them on and off multiple times, checking out all the flashy patterns. I even left them on for extended periods, and the batteries held up like a champ. But the real deal was at the party – the kids absolutely loved them!

The Hit for the Neighborhood for Halloween!!

I handed out these cool glow lights to the neighborhood kids on Halloween since our area gets pretty dark. Word spread like wildfire, and suddenly everyone was flocking to our place for these treats. They're big and super bright – click them, and they change colors or start blinking. The kids loved them, and I got tons of neighbors thanking me for the awesome idea. It made trick-or-treating a breeze with the bright lights. The day after, our community news group gave a shout-out to the neighbor with the glow lights, calling it the best treat. These things are a hit not just for Halloween but would rock any big party or New Year's bash.

These last a lot longer than you'd think

I set these up for an event, and initially, some of my helpers were hesitant to pull out the tags to activate them. However, by the end of the night, they were still going strong. They emitted a nice, bright light, especially when I placed them in glass votives – they looked fantastic. The amusing part is that it's been 30 days since the event, and I noticed some that I had placed on my kitchen counter after bringing everything back home are still lit up – it's crazy!

ohhhh yeahhhh baby

I utilized this product to craft my rave totem, and it performs exceptionally well! The investment is definitely worth the price. The vibrant glow and durability add an incredible visual element to the totem, making it a standout accessory for any rave or event. I'm thoroughly pleased with the outcome, and it has undoubtedly enhanced my overall experience. Highly recommended for those looking to create a dazzling and eye-catching presence at a rave!

Great for wedding send off

My friend mentioned attending a wedding with a glowstick send-off, something I hadn't seen before. After considering the logistics, costs, and safety of using sparklers for a similar effect, I opted for these glow sticks. It was absolutely AMAZING. We captured fantastic photos, and it was user-friendly with different light settings. Everyone, regardless of age, had a blast, and it was easy to store and distribute. These glow sticks also doubled as additional wedding favors.

My only complaints are related to eco-friendliness. If your wedding or event is outdoors and you're aiming for an eco-friendly approach, I recommend double-checking each of these. Overall, we are very happy with them, and we received numerous compliments.

Neon Bubble Gum Bubbles!

They have a nice ‎translusence to them. Like three Double-Bubbles from 1995 chewed for two minutes, right out of the wrapper, popping basketball sized bubbles in the back of the school bus on our way on a field trip, my friend. They look AMAZING and you get a fat bag of them. Stretch them out before you blow them or they'll stretch your lungs out instead!

Super cool light up bracelets!

There are plenty of bracelets in the box, and they are fantastic for the price! The glow they emit is really cool, and my kids absolutely love them. They're quite pretty. Although from the pictures, I initially thought they had gel or water in them, they didn't. However, this didn't diminish my satisfaction with the purchase. Overall, a great deal and a hit with the kids!

Great Autism Gift or eye-catching party favor

I ordered these for a birthday party for a severely autistic individual who is typically hard to buy for and doesn't engage much with toys independently, often requiring guidance. Surprisingly, he enjoys these sticks on his own and carries one around throughout the day, adjusting them and admiring the lights. Remarkably, he hasn't tampered with the lights inside or damaged the tubes thus far. However, I do keep a watchful eye on him for safety.

These glow sticks are akin to the unfolding/crinkling plastic fidget toys commonly used as reinforcement in schools, but they come with the added fun of colorful lights inside. Each tube corresponds to a specific color of light, creating a visually appealing effect. Despite being lightweight plastic, they have proven durable, and while wear and tear may occur over time, they have provided a very enjoyable purchase. I'm impressed with their effectiveness and will certainly order again!

Best I've seen

These lights are so bright that you can see them even in broad daylight, which is truly impressive. What's even better is that they exceed the promised duration, lasting longer than expected. Their vibrant glow not only stands out during the day but also persists for an extended period, making them a reliable and long-lasting choice for any situation. I'm genuinely pleased with the exceptional brightness and longevity these lights deliver.

Work great

These are adorable little lights. I purchased them with the intention of placing them inside balloons, and they did a fantastic job of illuminating them. Not only did they light up the balloons well, but they also lasted for more than a day, surpassing my expectations. The longevity of these lights added an extra element of joy and charm to the event. I'm pleased with their performance and durability, making them a delightful addition to any celebratory setting.

Worth the money

be a cheap piece of junk, but it exceeded my expectations. The music function adds a really cool and enjoyable dimension, making it fun to use during various occasions. It illuminates a standard-size room brilliantly, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere. It was especially super cool for our retro dance party birthday, enhancing the overall experience. I'm genuinely impressed with the value and performance this light provides.


It glows exceptionally well under black light, creating a vibrant and eye-catching effect. The adhesive quality is impressive too; it adhered securely to my yoga mat and blocks. The intense glow adds a dynamic element to my yoga routine, making it both visually appealing and functional. Overall, I'm thrilled with how well this tape enhances my workout experience.

Don't think, just buy them!

This stuff exceeded my expectations! It glows like crazy in the blacklight. They stick firmly but are also easy to remove and reposition. They also have flexibility so I used a long strip to make a curve on my son's headboard and it just flowed perfectly. I can't say enough how great these glow tapes are!

This is good glow

I really like this tape. If I lay out a line on the floor, this tape stays in place no matter how many boots walk on it, and it also adheres well even if it's wet. If you use this tape, consider it to be permanent and challenging to remove. It's easy to apply, and it glows very well. However, if you need something only temporarily, then this tape might not be the right choice for you.