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RPG Silicone Led D&D Dice Sets of 7 Type-C Rechargeable Polyhedral Role Playing Dice with Charging Box Shake to Light up LED Dice for Warhammer 40K, DND, Sci-Fi, Tabletop Games(Barbarian)

$49.99 USD
$49.99 USD
$69.99 USD
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rpg polyhedral dice

 Best D&D Gifts For Kids

Creative Gifts for Halloween, Christmas and Birthdays

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Exquisite packaging

The perfect choice for giving gifts to family and friends.

The LED dice set draws its inspiration from the barbarian character in Dungeons & Dragons, with its vibrant and energetic orange exterior. Packaged beautifully, it makes an ideal gift for kids who love Dungeons & Dragons, perfect for occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and birthdays.

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Distinctive Appearance Design

The dnd dice set's appearance has been transformed into a sleek cylinder, introducing a unique and trendy touch to traditional dice. Simultaneously, this newly enhanced design streamlines the placement and retrieval of the dice, simplifying storage. Just align the numbers on the charging case, and effortlessly return the dice to their designated spots for quick and convenient storage.

dungeons and dragons gifts

Material Upgrades and Easy To Roll

Unique dice set is crafted from textured silicone material, making it comfortable to hold and effortless to roll. The silicone material also safeguards your countertop from damage. The d&d dice set enhances texture while maintaining comfort, ensuring a well-balanced roll and easy-to-read numbers.

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Rechargable Game LED Dice

The upgraded electronic dice come with a charging box with charging interface, which allows you easily charge these DND dice via power bank/ power adapter/ PC and more.Charge for 2 hours, using 3000 times. Each dice brightness lasts 20 second.

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dnf glowing dice 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Rhaegon T. (United States)
Lots of fun.

These are really fun dice, so that you can play D&D... IN THE DARK! I definitely wouldn't ever do that, but I could imagine some playgroups who would really want to set mood lighting. These would be perfect for that. They light up reliably, and stay lit for a long time, well past the point at which you've read the number. It's advertised as 20 seconds, but that feels like a looong time. Is that awesome? Annoying? Unnecessary? That's up to your taste. But when they say light-up dice, these certainly are that. The lights flash in a sparkling pattern, blinking on and off - it's not like they light up with a steady light - as you can see in the product video, they go crazy. Again, up to your preference.

The dice feel light in your hand, lighter than standard dice, but not uncomfortably so. They are a bit flashy and "extra," as Gen-Z likes to say, but hey, if you are buying light-up LED dice, you aren't exactly going for subtlety in the first place. One thing that's nice about these is the neat pattern on the dice. I've seen other light-up dice that are plan dice with lights inside them, but these have what look like a pattern of carved engravings on their faces that make the dice nice to look at even if they're not lit up.

If flashy, light-up dice are your thing, these are both cool and beautiful.

Waverly (United States)
Adds an Interesting Twist to the Game

Impressive Dice Set I got these as a gift for my fiancé, and he loves them. They roll beautifully, and the LED lights add an interesting twist to the game. He was genuinely excited to use them. These RPG Silicone LED Dice Sets have truly impressed us. The smooth rolling and the captivating LED lights have added an exciting twist to our gaming sessions. It's safe to say that these dice were a fantastic gift choice!

Christopher G. (United States)
Perfect Gift for Gamers - Bright Lights and Comfortable Grip!

Perfect Gift for Gamers! These LED dice are a fantastic gift for gamers. The bright lights and comfortable grip make them a hit. I highly recommend them. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a gaming enthusiast, these LED D&D Dice Sets are a surefire choice. The combination of vibrant LED lights and a comfortable grip makes them an instant favorite.

Daniel R. (United States)
A Must for Game Nights

If you enjoy game nights, these LED dice are a must. The even and bright light adds a layer of excitement to every roll.

Elizabeth A. (United States)
Great for Special Occasions!

I purchased these dice for special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and birthdays, and they were a hit. The unique design and vibrant lights make them perfect for celebrations.

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