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Snow DND Dice Sets with Charging Box, LED Polyhedral Dice Sets 7PCS Glowing D&D Electronic Dice Set for Dungeons and Dragons RPG MTG Table Games

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$39.99 USD
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Seerootoys Snow DND Dice Set

❄️ Unique Design: "Snow" D&D dice set captures the enchantment of dnd winter wonderland.

🌟 Premium Quality: Meticulously crafted from durable ABS material, Seerootoys' LED dice offer the perfect weight for comfortable handling. Waterproof (IP68) for added protection, they blend style with substance.

💡 Easy To Read: Elevate your game nights with radiant, 15-second colorful lights (colorful lights) for effortless result-checking.

🔄 Reusable & Convenient: Engineered for lasting use, these dice come with a rechargeable box and a wireless coil for easy charging. 3.5-hour charge keeps them glowing for 6 hours, handling 1200-1400 rolls.

🎁 Perfect Gift Choice: In an exquisite package, Seerootoys' Snow Dice Set is an ideal gift for RPG enthusiasts, be it Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder.

🔒 Expert Craftsmanship: With 8 years' experience, Seerootoys produces 100,000+ units daily, ensuring quality through rigorous testing. Enjoy confidence with 30-day, no-hassle return policy backed by dedicated support.

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Snow Pattern DnD Dice Set

Crafted with inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of D&D's Snow Maps, the dice feature intricate snowflake patterns that glisten like freshly fallen snow.

Unleash the magic of the snowflakes and let your imagination soar.

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dragon dice

Dice for Game Lovers

These glowing electronic dice has a attractive packaging, which is eary to carry to holiday parties anytime and anywhere or as a perfect gift for D&D game players.

dnd dice box

High Quality

The DND dice are made of high-quality ABS, IP68 waterproof.

d&d dice box

USB Rechargeable LED Dice

The D&D Dice set come with a type-c charging box that can be used continuously for 6 Hours after 3.5h Charging

custom dice sets

Polyhedral Dice Set

A set of 7 DND dice (1 x D20, 1 x D12, 1 x D10, 1 x D%, 1 x D8, 1 x D6 and 1 x D4) built-in RGB Lights.

dice for sale

The glowing electronic dice has a attractive packaging, which is eary to carry to holiday parties anytime and anywhere or as a perfect gift for D&D game players.

Portal to frosty, mystical realm where your epic tales await.

Embrace the beauty of the snow and let the adventure begin!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ezekiel (United States)
Gorgeous hues!

When I first received them, even the box they came in was really cool. The dice themselves come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and the colors they produce are just beautiful. I'd recommend these for anyone who plays in a dimly lit area. This set has every kind of dice you could ask for. What's great is that you can use them for various games in the dark. Love it!

Zephyrine (United States)
Crafted with Precision

Crafted with Precision The precision and craftsmanship of these dice sets are remarkable. They roll perfectly, and the numbers are easy to read. The snowflake patterns give them a distinctive character, making them a standout choice for any gamer.

Yarrow (United States)
LED Lights Enhance the Experience!

Immersive Gameplay Gaming with these LED dice sets is a truly immersive experience. The LED lights add an extra layer of excitement to our adventures, and the snowflake design sets the stage for epic tales. A fantastic investment for RPG enthusiasts!

Eulalia (United States)
Quality Meets Style - A Must-Have for Gamers

Quality Meets Style These LED dice sets perfectly blend quality and style. The intricate snowflake patterns are a visual delight, and the quality of the dice is undeniable. They're a must-have for any gamer who appreciates both aesthetics and functionality.

Dashiell (United States)
Light Up the Night!

Rolling these dice feels like lighting up the night. The colorful lights add excitement to every roll

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