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Thorns Dice 7pcs LED DND Dice Set Gift Glow In The Dark Party With USB Charging Box Shake to GlowFor Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Dice Table Game

$29.99 USD
$29.99 USD
$35.99 USD
Save $6.00
Zwischensumme: $29.99

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7PCS DND Dice Set

Gift For Your Dnd Group Member!

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7pcs DND dice set with built-in high quality LED warm light. Red light means charging, green light means fully charged. Continuous use for 6 hours, can be used 1700-2000 times after fully charged.

USB Charging

The upgraded unique DND dice comes with a charging case with charging port, which allows you to easily charge these LED DND dice via mobile power/power adapter/computer. 

【Suitable for Game Lovers

These cool high quality warm glow breath light dice set is perfect for any dice games, such as Dungeons & Dragons dice game, Shadowrun, Warhammer, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Heroes, RPG tabletop and card games, ETC.

[Gift Choice] Our rechargeable LED dice set can be used to play tabletop games, poker, role-playing, etc. It is an indispensable gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day and Christmas.

 [Package]: 7 LED glowing dice (1 x D4 dice, 1 x D6, 1 x D8, 2 x D10, 1 x D12, 1 x D20), charging case and type-c data cable.

Rechargeable Cool DND Dice Parameters:

  • 2 hours charging, can be used 1700-2000 times, each dice brightness lasts 20 seconds.
  • Weight is only 0.15kg.


The charging holes of the dice need to be aligned with the charging holes of the charging compartment in order to charge.

  • Box red light ---- is charging.
  • Box green light ---- is fully charged.
  • Brightness time lasts 20 seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Sienna B. (United States)
Bought for a friend

Not only were they fun to play with but my friend who I bought it for has yet to roll a single 1 with them yet so maybe good luck

Scarlett P. (United States)
High Quality Product, once you get used to it

First and foremost, let me say that these dice are amazing. They have a fantastic feel, roll smoothly, and light up exactly as advertised. The only minor inconvenience with them is that they need to be placed back in the case in a specific manner for recharging. However, the package includes a clear diagram, and even if you happen to misplace it, it's relatively easy to figure out. Overall, it's a fantastic product, especially if you're a fellow dice goblin

Celeste E. (United States)
Coolest dice I own by far!

These dice are absolutely stunning, and a single charge keeps them going for months of weekly play. The colors are incredibly vibrant and easy to read. Honestly, the legibility was the main reason I picked them up in the first place. All of my other dice were incredibly difficult for me to see.

As an extra bonus, my friend's 15-year-old told me, "I have the coolest dice ever." I didn't even need to see them. I just responded, "Oh really?"

And that's how I clinched the cool dice-off at 43.

Chloe B. (United States)
Dynamic and Unpredictable

Charging these dice does require specific placement in the original box, which becomes part of the ritual once you get used to it. The illuminating feature upon movement adds a playful touch, making each roll visually engaging. If you appreciate a blend of unpredictability and flashy aesthetics, these dice could introduce an exciting and dynamic element to your gameplay!

Jackson A. (United States)
These are amazing!!!!!

I kicked off a new campaign, aiming to stand out from the crowd. And let me tell you, these dice did the trick—everyone, myself included, was utterly amazed! I highly recommend using these with a dice tower unless you want to launch them so far that you won't find them again!

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