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Electronic DND Dice Rechargeable with Charging Box, Light up Dice 7 PCS LED Dices, Dungeons and Dragons Dice Polyhedral Dice Sets(Sword Dice)

$29.99 USD
$29.99 USD
$33.99 USD
Save $4.00
Zwischensumme: $29.99

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About 'Sword' LED DND Dice Set

d20 dice roll

Glowing D&D Dice

Rechargeable illuminated dice sets can be played with dungeons and dragons table games, poker, role play, and so on.

An perfect dnd dice christmas gift for game lovers!

4 sided dice

Great Collectible Gift Idea

These unique dice feature sword patterns and are perfect for various tabletop games. Packaged in a gift box, they also make an excellent gift for game enthusiasts. These dice are truly worth collecting! 

May the radiant D&D dice be your faithful companions on every thrilling adventure!

lightning dice

Shake To Light Up

Flashing 20 seconds per roll.

sharp edged dice

Type-C Charging

Charging 2 hours can continuous use for 6 hours.

six sided dice

Blue, Green, Red Light

Glowing dice set's dynamic LED lighting enhances the gaming atmosphere.


1. This package includes 1 x D20 sides, 1 x D12, 2 x D10, 1 x D8, 1 x D6 and 1 x D4 dice. 7pcs/set.

2. Perfect and high quality polyhedral dice for various board games, parties, rpg, mtg, teaching projects, etc.

3. Made of ABS material, easy to roll and hard to damage, with good polishing.

4. The polyhedral dice set comes with a charging bin that charges for 2H and continues to glow for 6H.

5. A great gift for game lovers, also this is sure to be a dice worth collecting!


1. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

2. Red light when charging, green light when full.

3. The charging hole of the dice needs to be aligned with the charging hole of the charging bin in order to charge.(The dice can be placed by referring to the charging instructions).

two sided dice

Package Includes

1 x D20, 1 x D12, 2 x D10, 1 x D8, 1 x D6 and 1 x D4 dice.7pcs/set.
1 x Data Cable
1 x Instruction
1 x Charging Box 

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Mitchell (United States)
Super Cool

Received these dice as a gift for a player who struggles to read her dice in our dimly lit room. They work excellently, and she's really fond of them. We've only used them for a couple of sessions, so there's no feedback on long-term durability yet.

Zoey H. (United States)
Super Sexy, Charge Lasts Surprisingly Long Time

These dice are absolutely stunning and have a really cool appearance. They're also very easy to read since the numbers light up. Best of all, the battery charge lasts for weeks. I use them once a week for about 4 hours, and I only have to charge them maybe once a month. These dice are not only super fun but also very cool. They make an excellent gift for your loved one who is a role-player, especially if they play D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) or any other RPG. They work well with pretty much every RPG out there, except for games that require numerous d6's or d10's, in which case it might be more practical to buy a set of those specific dice. However, I guess you could still get 10 sets of these and use them for games like Vampire or whatever you prefer. The choice is yours, hotshot.

Zoey T. (United States)
Amazing Gift!!!

I purchased a set of LED dice for my brother as a Christmas gift, and the joy on his face when he rolled the dice and saw them light up was priceless.
All seven dice arrived fully charged, and they fit neatly into the charging case, which can be conveniently charged via USB-C (in my opinion, the best option).
The dice illuminate beautifully when rolled and remain lit for approximately 10 seconds. I highly recommend these dice to anyone looking to enhance their D&D experience!

Octavia S. (United States)
Perfect Husband Gift

I snagged a set of these for my husband to amp up his gaming experience. Instant love! They're super cool and light up like a dream. They feel a tad light, but who cares when everything starts glowing, right? They only light up when you give them a shake or shortly after rolling. Pro tip: hang onto the insert card that comes with the charging case. It'll guide you on where and how to place your dice back in for a recharge.

Wyatt M. (United States)

Bought these amazing dice for my boyfriend's birthday. They are amazing!!! Bright, easy to read, and eye catching. I love that they are rechargeable and that they charge quickly. He was the coolest kid at the D&D table!!!

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