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Halloween Glow Party: Unique Halloween Decor Ideas with Glow Sticks for 2023

door SeerootoysOffcial 18 Oct 2023

Halloween is approaching, and we are excited to decorate for this magical and thrilling festival. Originating from ancient Celtic traditions, Halloween has become a popular global celebration. It's a day to break free from everyday constraints, dress up as fantastical characters, and unleash our inner creativity. In this season of ghosts and revelry, how can you make your decorations stand out and create a unique atmosphere? Let's explore some creative ideas to craft a night of festivity unlike any other.

What Objects Are Used During Halloween To Decorate?

We often want to dress up as peculiar characters on Halloween and decorate our spaces in a distinctive way. From traditional pumpkins and spider webs to modern lighting decorations and elaborate scene setups, all exhibit the ambiance of the festival. How should we decorate? We'll provide you with some common Halloween decoration ideas.

Halloween decorations can generally be divided into scene decorations and personal decorations. Below, I'll provide you with some commonly used Halloween decoration ideas.

Scene Decorations:

  1. Pumpkin Lanterns and Pumpkin Decorations: Pumpkins are classic Halloween decorations. You can carve pumpkin lanterns or use pumpkins to decorate the entrance, corridors, or rooms.
  2. Spider Webs and Spider Decorations: Use fake spider webs and plastic spiders to decorate windows, walls, or ceilings, creating a mysterious ambiance.
  3. Graveyard and Skeletons: Create tombstones using cardboard or plastic and pair them with skeleton figures to decorate the garden or indoor space, giving the feel of a graveyard.
  4. Ghosts and Spirits Decorations: Use white fabric to create ghost or spirit models, hang them on branches, doorways, or indoors to simulate ghostly apparitions.
  5. Colorful Lighting: Use colored bulbs or LED lights to project different colored lights, creating a fantastical, mysterious ambiance in the room.

Personal Decorations:

  1. Makeup and Masks: Dress up as characters like vampires, zombies, witches, etc., or wear corresponding masks to create a scary or humorous effect.
  2. Blood and Wound Effects: Use makeup to create bloodstains, wounds, and other special effects, making yourself look more realistically scary.
  3. Costume Accessories: Pair costume accessories like wigs, masks, gloves, etc., to enhance the credibility and horror of the character.
  4. Themed Costumes: Choose Halloween-themed costumes like monks, magicians, superheroes, etc., to portray different character images.

While these ideas are fantastic and very much in line with the Halloween ambiance, they have been used many times and might feel overused. However, don't worry; we've provided you with some more innovative ideas. Let's now explore a unique decoration item - glow sticks.

What Can You Do with Glow Sticks At Halloween?

Glow sticks, being magical glowing decorative items, can add a lot of vibrancy to your Halloween decor. Below, I'll provide you with some ideas for using glow sticks to decorate your Halloween party.

  1. Glow Stick Costumes: Create glow stick costumes, such as glowing clothes, glowing hats, glowing necklaces, etc., making yourself a unique focal point in the night.

  2. Glow Stick Makeup: Use glow sticks to decorate makeup, for example, outlining facial contours with glow sticks, showcasing a mysterious visage.

  3. Glow Stick Glasses: Make glow stick glasses, allowing your eyes to emit a unique glow in the darkness, enhancing visual attraction.

  4. Glow Stick Ghosts or Skeletons: Utilize glow sticks to create ghost or skeleton shapes, making them emit eerie glowing effects in the night.

  5. Glow Stick Pumpkins: Place glow sticks inside carved pumpkins to make them glow and flicker, creating a distinctive pumpkin lantern effect.

  6. Glow Stick Pathways or Walls: Stick glow sticks on the edges of pathways or walls for illumination, creating unique pathways or decorative effects.

  7. Glow Stick Scene Decorations: Place glow sticks in flower pots, bottles, or other containers to create glow stick decorations, adding a mysterious atmosphere indoors and outdoors.

  8. Glow Stick Party Games: Engage in specially designed party games using glow sticks, like glow stick drawing, where you use glow sticks to draw various quirky patterns in the darkness. This adds interactivity and entertainment.

How Do You Make Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Decorations?

The above ideas are very good and can make our Halloween unique and interesting. Let’s discover how to make these glow stick decorations

How do you put together a glow stick costume?

Materials: LED glow sticks (colored or single color), transparent tape or thin string, costume (preferably in dark colors).


  1. Choose a Costume: Select a suitable costume as the base for your glow stick decorations. Dark or black-colored costumes work best, as the glow effect will be more pronounced.
  2. Prepare Glow Sticks: Choose colored or single-color glow sticks and select the appropriate size based on your design and placement preferences.
  3. Activate the Glow Sticks: Activate the glow sticks according to the instructions on the packaging to make them light up.
  4. Place the Glow Sticks: Bend the activated glow sticks into the desired shape and then use transparent tape or thin string to secure the glow sticks to the costume. You can arrange the glow sticks into various patterns or lines, creating a unique effect.
  5. Design Creatively: Based on your creativity, design different glow patterns. You can secure glow sticks at the edges of the costume, around the neckline, cuffs, etc., or create glow lines and patterns.

Test the Effect: Test the costume in a dark or dimly lit environment to check the glow effect of the glow stick costume. Adjust the position or patterns of the glow sticks as needed.

glow necklaces

How do you put together a glow stick costume?

Materials: Transparent eyeglass frames (choose a size that fits your face shape and the eyeglass frames), glow sticks (choose the appropriate size and color, typically using chemical glow sticks or LED lights from glow sticks), tape, scissors.


  1. Choose the Eyeglass Frames: Ensure you choose transparent eyeglass frames so that the glow stick's light can shine through.
  2. Activate the Glow Sticks: Activate the glow sticks following the instructions to ensure they emit light.
  3. Prepare the Glow Sticks: Bend the glow sticks to fit the shape of the eyeglass frames.
  4. Attach the Glow Sticks to the Frames: Use tape to secure the glow sticks to the edges of the eyeglass frames. Ensure one end of the glow stick is in the center of the frames.

Adjust and Trim: Adjust the position of the glow sticks to ensure they are secure and comfortable. If the glow sticks are too long, trim any excess with scissors.

Test and Display: Test the glow stick eyeglasses in a dark or dimly lit area to ensure the glowing effect is effective. Then, you can wear the eyeglasses and become a unique highlight at the party or event.

neon sticks

How do you make a glowing ghost?

Materials: White or transparent plastic bag (large), glow sticks (choose appropriate size and color of glow sticks), string or rubber bands, colored paper or markers (optional, for decoration).


  1. Activate the Glow Sticks: Activate the glow sticks as per the instructions to ensure they emit light.
  2. Prepare the Plastic Bag: Open the plastic bag, ensuring it's clean and without holes.
  3. Insert the Glow Sticks: Place the activated glow sticks inside the plastic bag. If the plastic bag is large, you can use multiple glow sticks.
  4. Seal the Bag: Seal the top of the plastic bag to ensure the glow sticks stay inside.
  5. Decorate the Ghost's Face (Optional): Use colored paper or markers to draw eyes, nose, and mouth on the plastic bag, giving the ghost a more fun appearance.

Hang the Ghost: Use string or rubber bands to secure the ghost and hang it in the desired location. You can hang the ghost on tree branches or indoors.

Test and Display: Test the glow-in-the-dark ghost in a dark or dimly lit area to ensure the glowing effect is effective. Hang the ghost to become a unique decoration at the party or event.

light up foam sticks

Do glow sticks work in Pumpkins?

Materials: Pumpkin, glow sticks (multiple colors, based on your preference), knife, marker (optional).


  1. Choose a Pumpkin: Select a fresh, healthy pumpkin, preferably with a smooth surface and no damage.
  2. Prepare the Pumpkin: Clean the surface of the pumpkin to ensure it's neat and tidy.
  3. Cut the Top of the Pumpkin: Carefully cut the top of the pumpkin with a knife to create a hole large enough for you to easily reach inside.
  4. Clean the Pumpkin's Interior: Clean out the seeds and fibers from inside the pumpkin, making it dry.
  5. Design Glow Stick Patterns: Use a marker to design the desired patterns or face for the glow sticks on the surface of the pumpkin. This is where the glow sticks will emit light.
  6. Insert the Glow Sticks: Carefully insert the activated glow sticks into the pumpkin, placing them at the designated spots based on your design.
  7. Close the Pumpkin Lid: Put the lid back on the pumpkin hole and ensure it fits securely.

Test the Glow Effect: Place the pumpkin in a dark area, activate the glow sticks, and observe their glowing effect. Adjust the position or colors of the glow sticks as needed.

led glow sticks

In this unique season, we have showcased many creative and distinctive Halloween decoration ideas, with glow sticks as the highlight. Glow sticks not only add vibrancy to your decorations but also infuse a magical glow into this mysterious night. Whether it's glow stick costumes, glasses, ghosts, or pumpkins, they will make your Halloween decorations unique and be the focus of the party.

As Halloween approaches, you can start preparing and purchasing the necessary items to make your party a thrilling and fun-filled night. Plan ahead, design thoughtfully, and transform your home, yard, or event venue into an enchanting Halloween realm. Celebrate this festival with family and friends, creating beautiful memories together.

May your Halloween party be filled with laughter, creativity, and mystery, becoming a night everyone will remember forever. Wishing you a Happy Halloween, filled with mischievous spirits. Enjoy this magical holiday to the fullest!

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