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Pickleball paddle edge protector

I use this gaffer tape to protect the edges of my pickleball paddles. The tape is thick and has held up well to the paddles scraping on the court surfaces when swinging for a low ball. I like the colors; they're more fun than the typical black or white tape marketed specifically for paddle sports like tennis and pickleball. The tape is very sticky but doesn't leave any residue on the paddle edge when removing it.

The tape is a bit wider than most pickleball paddles, so it needs to be trimmed. This is where it gets tricky. Since I've worked in the printing industry for many years, I have a cutting mat and am pretty good with an Xacto knife. It takes a few tries, but the cool look is worth it. I even pair some of the paddles with matching overgrips.

Amazing colors!

We put this stuff everywhere after installing black light strips on our garage ceiling! It looks really good under the lights. The only downside is that it doesn't rip like masking or painter's tape; it has to be cut. That made putting it up a little harder, but not by much! I would reorder again.

Worked great

I work with a large Kids Church program, and we have black light puppet songs and skits. This tape works great! We tried using glow sticks and tape for outfits and our set, and the tape was so much easier! It sticks great and is of good quality.


These are cool. I'm a raver and have used these at several raves by putting them around my pant loops. I wish they didn't flash, but they have been fun.

Nice and bright.

I got these to wrap around my back patio and provide lighting without having to use a bunch of extension cords.

Bright Lights

I purchased these lights to place around my pond in the winter. They are the perfect length for my needs, and I appreciate that they emit a 'cool' white light, which is sometimes harder to find compared to 'warm' white. The pricing was fair, and they arrived even sooner than expected. So far, they've held up well during the two days of rain we had.

Adorable and fun!

Haha! These are SO MUCH FUN!!!

They're marketed as balloon lights, but it's just as enjoyable to place them in vases filled with clear, squished pebbles, marbles, and similar substances to scatter their glow! They strobe with a pattern of long flashes followed by short flashes, and then it repeats with long flashes again.

According to the box, they only last 1-2 days, and upon inspection, it doesn't seem like the batteries are replaceable. The two halves of each sphere are put together with tabs and glue, and I feel like I'd be more likely to break the tiny sphere than succeed in pulling it apart. Fortunately, if you just want to test one of the flashing marbles or use it for a short while, the cardboard insert that keeps each marble in the "off" position can be re-inserted, thus disabling the marble's glow.

I haven't tried immersing these in water, but I don't recommend it because it's pretty obvious that the contraption is not even a little bit water-tight. You'd have to remove the cardboard tab and then seal it in some fashion while the battery's energy slowly drains away.

It's a bit of a bummer that they only last 1-2 days, which makes them perfect for parties but not for seasonal decorations. Still, I can think of endless places and times to use them! They're so cute and fun!!!


These little light-up balls are really great. You can place them here and there, and the best part is you can put the tab back in to reuse. Win-win!

This ones are REALLY bright

I picked up these ones. The LEDs are really bright, almost painful to the eyes. However, I wrap them in cotton to diffuse the lighting.

Lasted Longer

We used these to create little mini lanterns. We glued them in to prevent children from getting to them, and I was worried about having to do that in advance, but they lasted the listed hours and then some. I had some still glowing, although dimmer, five days later!

Great Glow Party Decoration

I was impressed with these balloons! They were much better quality than I expected. They inflated to a nice large size without any popping. I inflated them and put them on stands the night before the party, and none of them had lost air by the next morning. They glow really well under black light and were a nice touch to the party.

Great balloons

Had these balloons for my birthday in September, and now we're a week away from Thanksgiving, and the balloons are still hanging around. This is crazy. The longest-lasting balloons I have ever seen.

Will not be disappointed!

Didn't disappoint! Fair price, they all worked, and I received them in a couple of days. Used them for my daughter's Quinceañera, and everyone loved them.

Trick or Treat

I distribute these every year for Halloween. I live in town, so I have around 200-250 trick-or-treaters walking by my house. These foam sticks are lightweight, bright, and suitable for all ages. Most importantly, they make the children more visible as it starts to get dark.

Enhanced our wedding!

These were exactly what I had envisioned. They lit up the dance floor at our wedding and kept the energy up. Received so many compliments about how fun they were!

What a hit!

I bought these for my daughter's wedding, and let me tell you, they were a huge hit. There's something about colorful flashing lights that really gets a wedding dance floor hopping. The quality was excellent; every one of the 200 that were shipped worked perfectly. Spend the money on these – you will not be disappointed.

True to amount

I love it! It arrived on time, and there were genuinely 30 pieces. I haven't tried all of them yet, but I always buy from them, and usually, they all work. Hopefully, they keep up the good work. Congratulations, guys! Great job!!!

Highly Recommend!

I purchased these for my upcoming wedding, and let me tell you, they are everything I was looking for! Not only is the product great, but the customer service was even better. My package was undeliverable to my location, so I contacted the company to figure out the issue. They were quick to respond to my message and very helpful in determining where my package was.

Great customer service!!!

As a wedding DJ, I've ordered thousands of glow sticks for weddings in the past. These ones did not disappoint – they were bright and got the job done.

However, when my shipment arrived, the box was completely destroyed, and 65 glow sticks were missing. I believe it's no fault of the company, probably happened during shipping. I contacted the company, and they were incredibly helpful. They promptly sent out a new box, addressing the issue immediately. They were great to work with, and I'll definitely purchase more from them. 5 STARS!!!!!!

Works great

These are fantastic considering the price and the quality of the product! I really appreciate the three different speeds, and they'll be ideal for a wedding. They're bright without being too overwhelming. They're a bit smaller than I initially thought, but they're just right for a good time. I also love the idea that guests can take them home and reuse them for some fun!

Wonderful Table Top Set

I purchased these as a gift for my niece, and she loves them. She plays Dungeons and Dragons with her friends in a dim setting, and these are perfect for that! The dice are of pretty standard weight and seem to be of good quality. They are bright enough to be seen in both light and dark settings, and they are of standard polyhedral size.

Does what they say, out of the box.

I was pleasantly surprised that the dice had some charge upon arrival. They actually arrived in the middle of a D&D session. Very handy!

As an older player, seeing the die rolls can be challenging with my 'old man eyes.' With these, I can easily read what I rolled, and I very much appreciate that.

The only 'criticism' I may have at this time is that they are very lightweight. When I roll them, I feel like I could easily fling them across the table. This may be due to me being used to using metal cast dice. A very slight criticism, though. Each die set is different, and we have to get used to them.

Overall, a good purchase. So much so, I got my son (who plays with me) a set, and he was excited to receive it.

As enchanting as the photo

The product truly has a fantastic, vibrant glow. They illuminate upon hitting a surface, and it doesn't take much to activate them. You can roll them on the carpet from about 5 inches off the ground, and they'll light up. They are very clear, easy to read, and have a satisfying weight to them.

Super Cool

Received these dice as a gift for a player who struggles to read her dice in our dimly lit room. They work excellently, and she's really fond of them. We've only used them for a couple of sessions, so there's no feedback on long-term durability yet.

Excellent quality- super fun

We purchased 200 of these to distribute for Halloween in our neighborhood, and everyone absolutely loves them. The quality is excellent, with a very low failure rate. The three light modes also allow us to cater to the preferences of both teens and younger kids with sensory issues, making them happy. Definitely planning to buy again.